Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last weekend I had an opportunity to pick up ten more Cormos, (ACSA registered), and Cormo Xs. They are a flock that Brenda Arnold had that she acquired from  Alice Fields, and two from Betsy Neal.

My sister Sharon took all the photos, "Thank You Sharon"...Betty and Jim Garpow, and Steve Rouse helped out with changing coats and taking fleece samples..."Thank You".

These fleeces are available for 25.00 per pound for the prime wool, that is the fleece that has been under the coat, and is free of vegetation. Nick Weaver will shear these sheep on March 29th 2010, and April 1, 2010 will be mailed out.

Fleece can be sold by the pound, and if still available can be bought as a whole fleece. The adults will be about 5#s, and the yearlings 3-4 #s.

1st monies gets your choice of fleece...Thank You. 

Contact me at

This ewe is Artomesia: Bred by Alice Fields

 This is her fleece photo..SOLD  (1/2 Lisa G), (1/2 S L)

This is Butternut: Bred by Alice Fields

and her fleece...SOLD  (Ellen B)

The next photo is Prism: Bred by Alice Fields

and her fleece... SOLD  2# SOLD  (Cathy Z) ...3#  SOLD (Amy F) 

This photo is Calico: Cormo X Bred by Alice Fields

and her fleece..."SOLD"    1 # SOLD (Sarah B)   2#s SOLD(Straightfork Farm)

This is Mona Lisa, a CormoX, Bred by Alice Fields

This is her fleece...SOLD (Jan G)

This ewe is Ella, she was bred by Betsy Neal

and Ella's fleece... SOLD  2 #s SOLD (Amy R)........3# SOLD (Angela D)

This ewe is Emma, (Ella's twin)...

and a shot of her fleece...SOLD (Dallas S)

The next three photos are yearlings born in 2009, sired by Washington, a Ram bred by Jenny Setser:
This is a wether named Toby: His dam is Prism.

This is his fleece..    SOLD           1# SOLD (DeAnna B)   2#s SOLD (Amy R)

This Ewe is Milly, her dam is Artomesia:

This is her fleece..SOLD  (Nicole D)

and last but not least, this is Lily, her dam is Emma:

and her fleece...SOLD      1# SOLD (Jennifer R)    3#  SOLD (Lisa K)

If you are interested in any of this fleece contact me at

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