Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, he's been on the ground for a week now, so I thought I'd post some new photos. Having his mom all to himself is making him grow like a weed.



Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, Sunday morning (Dec. 6th) at 7:30 I, in my bathrobe, making coffee, looked out the kitchen window only to see some little black "thing" scurry around the hay feeder...Than, my brain kicks in...OMG, that is a lamb...

I "threw" cloths on, slip on shoes, and no jacket, flew out of the door to the sheep yard, ran around the feeder, grab the lamb, and headed to the barn. (It was 23 degrees that am)
All of the ewes were in hot pursuit. I put junior in the stall, than went to retrieve Vanity, who had retreated back to the feeder to look for her baby. A simple call got her turned around, and headed to the gate to the stall, had to fight off the Texel Ewe to get Vanity through the gate, but I won, (hard to push a Texel around...).
Here are a few photo opps of the babe...

He is doing great and eating well...

Yes, he is coated...it's colder than hell out.
He hasn't even used the heat lamp, but I still have it on.Obviously, I am colder in the barn than he is.

This is a Black ram lamb by "Mars", out of "Vanity".

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cormo Pictures and Fleeces

Yes, I have been very tardy about updating the blog. I need to find more time in the day, and learn to type.

This June I purchased two more Colored  Cormo Crosses. The fleeces are just as soft, long and as lovely as Registered Cormos, but due to the fact that reg. Cormos have to be white, these are referred to as Colored Cormo Crosses.

This is the new ram...Mars

The tuff on his chest is some fleece that has "puffed" from under his Sheep Suit.

Here is his fleece photo...
This fleece will be processed into pin draft roving, and will be available
in April

The new ewe is Vanity

She is very pregnant, and making bag, she is not at her "picture best" :>)

This is her fleece...
Vanity's prime, (wool under their sheep suits), will also be processed into pin draft if not sold as a fleece
If you are interested in any of fleeces in the raw please contact me at:

Here is one of my favorite ewes...This is Vanessa. She is very much the type I like to see in a Cormo, the look of a marshmallow with legs. Her legs are very straight, and her overall conformation is very good.

Vanessa has spots and her fleece runs from tan, to med gray, to light gray, to white.
This fleece will be shown this year, after the shows this year it will be available.

This is her fleece...

Gladys is one of my reg. Cormo ewes, she is bred to Pepin. Gladys has a beautiful white fleece. Her fleece will be shown this year in the white class.

and this is her fleece...

This a very typie ewe, her name is Endive. Once again one of my favorites. Great conformation and straight legs. She is a joy to be around.

her fleece...


This just start of what I have, and I'll post the rest of the crew as soon as I get my sister back over on the 1st of December. I have "ants in my pants", and can't wait to get them sheared. They will be sheared by Nick
Weaver on  February 13, 2010.

"Thank You" Sharon for taking all of the photos. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cormo Lambs 2009

This is baby Gus, named after his father.
Gus is out of a 7 year old ewe, KarKar.