Monday, February 14, 2011

New lambs are coming...

This is a pre lamb photo...Mona. I am expecting trips or quads, and hoping everything goes well...She is creating many sleepless nights for me.

This Vanessa's moorit spotted ewe lamb born at 10:00pm on Sunday, Feb 27th. Very excited about this ewe.

Arti had triplet ewe lambs last Saturday at 4:00am.

 These are Endives twin lambs, she had them today at

Butternut, 2011 ewe lamb, Cha-Cha,

and another photo of her.

This Diana's ram lamb, Dylan. I am assuming that he will mature into a gray...he is a fun color right now :>).
As usual it will be a wait and see...

May and Tempest, aka The Blizzard Baby.