Monday, March 22, 2010

All Fleeces are SOLD

Last night at 11:00pm the final Fleeces were sold.
Thank You for patronage.
 They will be sheared on March 29th at 4:00pm, I will get them packaged and shipped on April1st, (I sure it will be the afternoon).

I have lambs for sale and I will post them soon.


shetlandsheepdog said...

Hi Charlotte,
I am interested in purchasing a pair of your cormo lambs---definitely a ram and hopefully a ewe also. Please contact me at your earliest conviennce, thank you,
~Carissa (815)861-0283 or (815)861-0283

shetlandsheepdog said...

Thank you Charlotte! The lambs are BEAUTIFUL and all get home safe and sound. Thank you for all the time you spent helping me get started, you were very helpful and I can see how much you care for your sheep. We will keep in touch!
~Carissa & the girls
p.s. the cormo top is gorgeous too can't wait to get started on it!

Charlotte Epley said...

Thank You...I am soooo glad you are happy. Send pictures, keep in touch and enjoy that Top.

jedidiah said...

how much $ do your lambs run for.

Charlotte Epley said...

email me at charepley@gmail, prices very, so I need to know what you are looking for.