Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall of 2011

This year has been a wonderful year for the sheep. The lambs sold very well and I am very happy with the breeding animals that I have kept.
I am really tightening my belt on what I will and will not accept as breed stock. I know not all folks can afford to do that, but I will NOT sell what I would not keep myself.

My "I Hate List"...

No Scurs or Horns
Mature Fleece 17-23 microns, (not 23.1 or higher). Fleece test to prove it.
Mature Ewes: Prime fleece, (under the coat) 4# or more  Mature Rams: 4.5#'s or more of Prime.
Hardiness, and worm resistant

I have lambs due in November, and the rams are in breeding groups for late winter lambs.
This go-around I have three breeding groups formed. Two registered groups, and one colored. I can't stand the wait.

I made a purchase of two Tunis ewes and a ewe lamb, as they were headed for the meat market. They all are being bred to Pepin...we'll see what that produces. Keep thinking that I should get them their own Tunis ram, but I will wait and see.

The end of the month I'll be delivering a ram and ewe to a friend in Ohio. She is sick of her ram throwing her "horned" lambs so she is getting a really nice young ram from me. His head is clean as a whistle and she should have very good luck with him. She also has a ewe that has scurs and she too is part of the problem. The ewe that she is getting from me has never thrown horns, and she is very "clean" headed.

I told her to let me know what she gets from this crossing as I would be interested in a lamb from it.

Please if you are buying Registered animals that are suppose to be polled...Check Them.
This year I rid myself of ALL my scurs!

Once again I have "Thank" my sister for the photos...


Rayna said...

Can't WAIT to see winter lambs!! :)

Charlotte Epley said...

Thanks, I can't either...I'll be sure to post.

Jody said...

Yes please show us your lovely lambs Charlotte :-)
Nice of you to rescue the Tunis sheep. They are pretty!