Friday, December 12, 2008

The cats

Intro of my cats. This is RW GCH Sunstones Heat of The Moment aka Charmer, he is the one that started it all. I raised him and showed him to his Regional Win. I bred 4 cats in this area to him, and was flown to CA and has bred 3 more. All of the breedings have produced Regional and National Winners. This summer I sold Charmer to a judge in CA, as I didn't have the heart to neuter him to keep him a pet.

Here is a shot of the kittens of Charmer and Summer they are a couple of days old

This is one of the kittens at 4 weeks
(OMG Look at those ears)

Here is Hootie the Ocicat, and Lucy the Yorkie
Hootie is the kitten that I kept from the litter, she is a very buzy "helper".
Lucy was found in a ditch three years ago and given to me.
You see who gets to use the fleece.


stephen rouse said...

fantastic photos! Gorgeous cats and an adorable dog!

Juliann said...

How beautiful!

Garrett808 said...

well as much as I love your cats, I really want the extreme wedgehead Siamese..just a pet, but from a show you have any leads?