Monday, November 28, 2011

The Winter Chores

Dex and I were in the barn on Saturday changing sheep coats and checking out the gorgeous fleeces under those coats. Actually left Dex to hold the ewes in the barn so I could retrieve the measure tape to measure the length of the fleeces that I was looking at...WOW! The ewes are already at 5", and the spring lambs are 3". The fleeces look wonderful.
I've had to hire a new Shearer, as I have lost the one I used to use to Nebraska :>(.  I am thinking that because the new Shearer lives so close to me I might let the lambs go to spring. Those will be wonderful fleeces as it would be their hogget fleeces.
I plan to check the rams today...
Sharon will pick a sunny day in December to do photos of the sheep, and their fleeces. I'll be cutting a sample to send to Yocom-McColl  for Micron testing.
When I get my hands on the rams I'll take photos of their fleeces, than I'll post them so you can get a taste of what will be available.
Shearing will take place on FEB 15th 2012.